More Leads, More Sales

We build massive, predictable sales pipelines.

No more wondering where you're next lead will come from, no more paying over-the-odds on poor performing PPC campaigns. Say hello to the 'Growth Engine' by GrowthGuru, the only sales system you will need for reliable, predictable and scalable B2B marketing in 2024.

🔄The Growth Engine

We get you leads, you just have to close them.

Our fully managed outreach service is designed to bring you a reliable flow of qualified leads all month-long so you never need to worry about where your next sale is coming from.

Idea Client Profiling

Find prospects who're ready to buy from you now, not in 6 months time.

Expert Copywriting

We get an average 65% open rates on our campaigns, that's no accident!

Dedicated Client Portal

A dedicated client portal to manage tasks, get real-time insights and access your prospects.

Real-Time Reporting

Easy-to-understand, actionable campaign metrics available to you 24/7.

Multiple CRM Integrations*

*We integrate with most major CRMs so that you never miss a new qualified lead.

Uncapped & Easy Scalability

Take your campaigns to the next level with a simple scaling model.

➡️ how it works

Build a sales pipeline that's bursting at the seams!

Unlike other means of marketing, outbound is typically 10x less expensive, 3x more targetted and much, much more reliable for an ongoing stream of prospects.



We start with our 'Fit-for-Growth' digital assessment examining your business against six critical growth dimensions. We then dive into your growth ambitions, identify your 'Ideal Customer Profile' (ICP) and position your offer to resonate with the market. This stage concludes with an actionable growth strategy and tactical roadmap.



We build your Growth Engine by developing a tech-enabled outbound lead generation system. This system will attract your ICP on autopilot, fill your pipeline with minimal effort and skyrocket conversions.



Once launched, your Growth Engine will generate opportunities within 2-3 weeks. Like an F1 team, we collect hundreds of data points and measure several KPIs to fine-tune for maximum performance. You'll have access to real-time insights on how your campaigns are performing, and ongoing optimisations/actions.

about us

So who are GrowthGuru anyway?

We're the new kids on the block. The daring disruptors, challenging the norm and redefining the rules of the growth game. We're also the team behind DesignGuru, the one-stop-creative shop companies from all over the world use for all design work.

🤝 Our Simple pricing

A fixed pricing model with no hidden extras. Simple!

Unlike almost every lead generation agency in the world, we charge no success fees, no commision, no 'cost per lead' or 'booked call'. Just one flat monthly cost depending on how many leads you want to generate.

Per month - ex. VAT


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  • 4,000 New Prospects
  • Ideal Client Profile Creation
  • Expert  Copywriting
  • Campaign A/B  Testing
  • Dedicated Client Portal
  • Real Time Reporting
Per month - ex. VAT


Most Popular
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  • Everything in Essentials
  • + 1,000 LinkedIn prospects per month
  • + Premium inbox management
Per month - ex. VAT


High Growth
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  • Everything in Premium
  • + CRM Sync Integration*
  • + IP Tracking & WebInsights
our team

Meet your growth team.

With veterans from renowned firms like McKinsey, PwC, and Bain & Co, alongside experienced digital marketers, we have the knowledge, experience, and strategic thinking to deliver growth.

Founder & CEO
Co-Founder and COO
Project Coordinator
Executive Assistant
Analytics Specialist
💬 testimonials

GrowthGuru Testimonials

We've helped dozens ofclients achieve their growth ambitions. Here's a snapshot of their comments:

Our calendar for 2024 is booked up already thanks to the GrowthGuru outbound campaigs. Very Impressed!

Josh King - CEO

Corporate Fighter

I didn't realise so many founders were in the market to sell. I took 27 calls in my first month of GrowthGuru.

Chuck Armstrong

West Highland LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our top questions we typically recieve here at GrowthGuru. Something we've missed? Get In Touch to find out more.

1. What is the Growth Engine?

Our signature Growth Engine framework is a proven 3-step process, designed to put highly qualified leads directly into your sales pipeline. First, we work together to define your ideal client profile (ICP). Next, we build a techn-enabled outbound system that integrates with your CRM. Lastly, we optimise over several weeks against carefully selected KPI's, to ensure maximum ROI.

2. Does GrowthGuru comply with GDPR & CCPA?

Firstly, we only target B2B prospects who's information is available already in the public domain. Secondly, we use a sophisticated security system to ensure both client and prospect data remains secure. You can read more about our Privacy Policy HERE.

3. Are all prospects and leads real?

Yes, and for peace of mind we will send you the monthly target list ahead of each billing cycle so you can approve or comment on the prospects we are targetting. Part of our service include an in-depth verification process to ensure there is minimal wastage when running your campaigns.

4. How do costs compare to Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-Per-Click marketing is very different to email and LinkedIn organic outbound. With PPC, you pay for each click, which can quickly add up, especially in competitive industries, still with no garauntee of a lead or sale. The benefit of outbound, is you can still laser target prospects, without the need to have huge ongoing overheads for paid campaigns.

5. What do we need from you?

The majority of our service is done-for-you. However, the first 4-6 weeks will require some time from your team to 'look under the hood', help agree the Ideal Client Profile and complete any onboarding tasks. We may also need to schedule some meetings to flag any campaign opportunities.

6. How quickly can I expect Results?

We hate saying it, but it does differ on a case-by-case basis and revenue growth will depend on your sales cycle. However, most of our clients see growth within 6 weeks.

7. Can I upgrade my package to reach more prospects?

Yes! Many of our clients who have the capacity to take on more sales opportunities will increase the size of their campaigns over time. In December 2023, one of our clients upgraded to 40,000 new prospects each month! So the sky is the limit if your product or service is mass market. If not, then we will work with you to make sure you are running an appropriate amount of prospecting each month.

8. What are the costs of all this?

Unlike nearly every other lead-generation company, we operate a simple, fixed model designed for predictability and to keep the accounts department happy that there are no variable costs. We don't charge any cost-per-call fees, no onboarding fees, share of revenue or complex commisions. See our simple costs HERE.